We bring digital solutions to local businesses
DoBizLo has built a sophisticated system for creating a top-of-mind brand awareness for a local business in any industry through a mixture of research and algorithm. A completely targeted use of data allows a business to reach customers interested in a product or service.

Which Type of Business are YOU?Discover how businesses just like yours are changing the way people find them online. Recognize that your business is unique and people are looking for the services you offer.


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Joining the DoBizLo Co-Op

The DoBizLo Core plan was developed for businesses with a need to find and manage customers more effectively. The

system includes access to our Data Co-Op and a way to privatize analytics with a secure access portal. We create an

online footprint and outreach strategy through multi-channel deployment methods.

  • CITIES NOW Each city or town around your business has grown a social media presence for your business to tap into at anytime.
  • EMail Co-Op Deploy your business's offers and announcements to a network of users in your local market looking for deals and things to-do.
  • Your Business Your Business Instantly expand your local reach into your market. The disciplined digital communication will grow your business.
One-to-One One-to-One Reach people where they want to be reached, as you talk directly to customers looking for products and services like yours.

Locate your Business
ONLINE Run a quick scan of your business online to find discrepancies that cause prospective customers to become lost and frustrated, and drive them to your competitors


Latest News

19Aug, 2016

How a Local Dental Practice Saw a 40% Increase in New Patients

The Problem A local dental practice opened in a competitive suburban Denver market. Due to the high density of the dental field, the company was having problems bringing in new customers. They were wasting money on ineffective advertising methods, and they did not have a strong online or mobile presence. The listings for the company in various online areas were not consistent and caused the company […]

12Aug, 2016

5 Reasons to Use Email Marketing

Many people seem to believe that email marketing is dead and no longer beneficial. Social media runs the show now, and so more and more people are choosing not to make use of email. The fact of the matter, though, is that email is not dead. An email address is the first thing a company asks for when they want to contact you. When you […]