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30Sep, 2016

How to Increase Facebook Engagement

There are so many venues for marketing and reaching customers available right now that people tend to forget one of the strongest . Facebook is more than a marketing platform, though. It’s a great way to engage with consumers on a more personal level. You can develop your business’s persona. Content that raises awareness without plugging a specific product can be shared. You can make your business relatable. That way, when people do try to engage with you, they will feel they already know you. There are a lot of things to consider while trying to increase Facebook engagement. DoBizLo has compiled the top 9 things you should consider.

Show Some Personality

facebook engagement
Facebook is called social media for a reason. This is your opportunity to be social, to engage in a non-business manner. Keep your posts relevant to your business, but make them a little more fun and interesting. This is a great way to keep yourself relevant in the eyes of your customers. They’ll start seeing you as one of their Facebook friends, rather than a company they follow. For example, a veterinary clinic could use their Facebook page to share cute animal photos and stories, rather than just promoting their clinic and special offerings.

This strategy is key for your Facebook engagement. It involves you sharing content the fans want to see, rather than only sharing what you want them to see. When you offer a variety of posts that are in the same field, but not strictly related to your business, people are less likely to get bored by your posts and unfollow you. Additionally, sometimes you just have to have some fun!

Use Images

Pictures are a great way to make your page stand out among others and increase your Facebook engagement. They’re effective at breaking up the wall of text that users can often encounter on Facebook. They usually make your point quickly and effectively, which is incredibly beneficial when the modern user’s attention span is around seven seconds long. Additionally, the burst of color that a picture generally contains will stand out, drawing attention to the post and your page by association.

Keep Posts Simple

It’s true that links and polls and images prompt a lot of engagement. That said, they’re not always necessary and they aren’t the only way to promote engagement. A short, text-only status update can still spark a lot of of Facebook engagement. There really is no need to overcomplicate your Facebook posts. If something you want to say or share doesn’t require an image or a link or a poll, don’t include one. All you’ll end up doing is clogging up your fan’s feed with irrelevant content. Do this enough, and you’ll end up losing followers. While posts with images or links can promote engagement and help lead people back to your actual website, they are not always necessary. If you can post a short, simple text update that engages people and gets them talking about your company, then you’ve done your job properly.

Ask Questions

Posing questions to your audience is a wonderful way to up your Facebook engagement. You can ask things that are explicitly related to your business, or things are only vaguely relevant, or even things that aren’t relevant at all. When people see those questions, they’ll want to answer them. They’ll also be curious to see what other people answered, and are more likely to click on the post and be directed back to your homepage.

This is also a great way to spark discussion on your page, both among users and between yourself and the users. You can ask something that’s not entirely related, and then respond to comments with more questions that are more explicitly related to your business. This offers your company the opportunity for another important type of engagement: actually responding to comments. When you respond to people who do engage with you, they see that you actually care about what they have to say. Other people will notice this too, and it will do wonders for your business.

Talk About What’s Current

Keeping your content relevant and up-to-date is crucial to your Facebook engagement. If your posts are all about things that happened days or weeks or months ago, your fans aren’t going to care anymore. People can access current and recent news with a few simple searches. They know what happened; they’re just curious to see how you react to and engage with those current events. If you stay on top of local and national news and keep your posts relevant to that, you’ll spark engagement and lots of discussions. That is also a very good way to gain more fans. When they engage, people will also usually share your post with friends to get their reactions. If one fan shares a post and ten of their friends like your page because of it, and then even half of your fans do the same, your engagement will skyrocket.

Ask People to Engage

No, we aren’t suggesting that you outright beg for engagement. That said, if you want people to engage, it could benefit you to spell that out in your posts. Get in the habit of ending everything you post with some sort of call to action. “Like this post if…” or “Comment and tell us about…” are both great examples of ways to ask for engagement without outright saying ‘we want you to engage with us.’ Those comments you’re getting will spark conversations, which will lead more people back to your page as their friends ask them what they think as well. This is also a great way to generate user content that you can refer back to later for more post ideas.

Timing is Everything!

A huge factor in Facebook engagement is knowing when people are engaging. Obviously this will change depending on your fans and when they specifically are engaging. According to a study done by Buzzsumo, the best time to post in general is between 10pm and Midnight of your audience’s local time. This is because businesses generally post less during that period. Your posts stand out because there aren’t a lot of others also vying for engagement. Additionally, certain days seem to have less competition and thus are better for posting. Check out posts you’ve put out and see when your fans are active. Then, make use of Facebook’s scheduling feature to plan out your posts for when they’ll be more engaged.

Leverage the Facebook Community

If you aren’t using Facebook to market yourself already, you’re missing out on a huge community of engaged people. Facebook is a place to develop your brand’s voice, to create and cultivate a persona, and to reach people who you otherwise would never be able to contact. These tips are a wonderful way to start developing that persona and cultivating those fans. Maintaining a Facebook page on top of all the other marketing you’re trying to do can be difficult, though.

That’s why DoBizLo exists. We’re a digital one-stop shop for your company’s marketing. The various content and management teams in DoBizLo take care of all your marketing concerns for you, so Facebook is the only one you have to manage yourself! Or, if you’d prefer, we can run your Facebook page as well! Digital customer acquisition has never been so easy! Ready to see the DoBizLo difference? Click the button and fill out the form, and one of our amazing consultants will be in touch with you!


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