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Internet Integration

Google is one of the easiest ways to find your business

Pay-per click advertising offers natural solutions to users

70% of customers call a business from Google

Google’s click-to-call campaign type let’s the user seamlessly transitions a user with their smartphone from online search to live conversation. This feature also lets a business track these conversions with the same accuracy and granularity as the online purchases and lead submission forms you are accustomed to.

Long-tail Keywords verses Short-tail

The Display Network can help any business share a message to more customers through millions of websites, news pages, and blogs to Google websites including Gmail and YouTube, The Display Network reaches Internet users worldwide and includes more than 2 million publisher sites like nytimes.com and weather.com

Google AdWords

Direct users to the solutions they are looking for naturally drive conversions and increase overall organic search optimization. You have the ability to direct users to the pages they are looking for. With AdWords you only pay for each click on your ad, not when it is shown as a search result. This means you only have to pay when there is a possibility of making a conversion on your site. There aren’t many better or guaranteed ways out there to spend your marketing budget.

YouTube Advertising

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