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19Aug, 2016

How a Local Dental Practice Saw a 40% Increase in New Patients

The Problem

A local dental practice opened in a competitive suburban Denver market. Due to the high density of the dental field, the company was having problems bringing in new customers. They were wasting money on ineffective advertising methods, and they did not have a strong online or mobile presence. The listings for the company in various online areas were not consistent and caused the company to have a poor SEO ratings on Google. The company needed a lead generation strategy to target and acquire new customers.

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The Strategy

The strategy DoBizLo used to help this client had four main phases, which will be discussed in greater detail further on. These four phases were:

  • Utilizing 1st- and 3rd-party data to build custom audience profiles
  • Safeguarding the digital footprint and improving search engine optimization
  • Developing a local targeting strategy and deploying across multiple channels to ensure that many potential customers were reached
  • Optimizing to continue bringing in new customers, maintaining current customer relationships, and strengthening the digital presence of the dental practice

Utilize 1st- and 3rd-Party Data

DoBizLo utilizes a data co-op system to allow clients to share customers without sharing their private data. When the dental practice joined DoBizLo, they were given access to the data available in this co-op. By entering into the co-op, the client was able to develop audience profiles and target their marketing to a specific audience group. Specifically, the client was able to target newcomers to their area who were actively searching for new providers. The profiles allow clients to share customers without sharing data, keeping everyone involved protected and happy with their services.

Safeguard Digital Footprint

In the case of your digital footprint, what you don’t know can hurt you. Where people used to turn to the yellow pages for information about a business, they now turn to the likes of Google, Facebook, and Yelp. Imagine how badly your business would be affected an incorrect phone number listed in the yellow pages– that’s a whole year of people not being able to reach your company. The same problem occurs with modern day ‘yellow pages’– if a company’s information is listed incorrectly, they’re losing customers. 80% of businesses have bad or incorrect listings and don’t realize it. The strategy to help the client involved hunting down their listings on all these modern ‘yellow pages’ and making sure they were correct. The listings were then locked so that only the client and DoBizLo can access and change them.

Develop Local Targeting Strategy

The targeting strategy for the dental practice had to be hyper-local because of the way the dental industry works. Dentists are incredibly high density, and finding one within a certain area is no great hardship. This means that potential new customers don’t want to drive very far to find a new dentist– they’re much more likely to find someone nearby, since there’s a near-guarantee that there is someone nearby. The client also pushed a special offer for new clients through DoBizLo Daily Deals, to encourage potential new customers in through the door. The audience profiles developed in the first phase of this strategy ensured that the right customers were receiving information about the company, so that they weren’t wasting money on advertising that wasn’t working. By focusing all efforts within a finite area, the client could guarantee that they would get new clients.


Once DoBizLo had ensured that all the company’s ducks were in a row, their customer outreach and online presence could be optimized. The hyperlocal listings in use allowed the business to optimize their budget, guaranteeing that the money was being spent effectively and in a way that actually brought in customers. Locking down their online listings helped customers find them more easily, because Google actually displayed them as a result. The new-client focused offer brought in potential customers, who the client could then focus on retaining.  Overall, DoBizLo helped the client build and maintain a strong, consistent brand image and digital presence. This enabled them to acquire new customers and keep them coming back.


The optimizing and targeting work DoBizLo did helped the client tremendously. Within two months of joining the DoBizLo program, they saw a 40% increase in new patients. The hyperlocal targeting strategies allowed them to reach clients who previously were not on their radar. The company’s social media pages saw a dramatic increase to 3k+ views a week, allowing them to offer existing clients offers and deals as well, to ensure customer retention. Their mobile engagement increased a whopping 470%, opening them up into a whole demographic that had previously been untapped. The dental practice also saw a 200% increase in the click-through rate for display paid media. This increase was a direct result of their advertising being directed towards clients who were actually interested.

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