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Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising for a Business in any Industry

The only platform to let a business own 100% of data from any digital campaign.

Privatize Data

DoBizLo Analytics give small to medium sized businesses the tools to compete against a big business budget. The growing digital industry has created increased need for data management tools. Utilizing data management tools properly will give any business a competitive advantage in the marketplace regardless the industry.

Utilize a full system of analytical tools to track top keywords and search engines, websites, top page URLs, page titles, user countries, providers, operating system and more.

Keyword Advertising

Guide User Behavior and Track Keyword Referrals

Visitor Log

DoBizLo Analytics executes a thorough plan for good data management practices. Whether a website has a few visits per day or a few million, our software can help you gather and analyze full insight on users and potential customers.


View historical values of almost any metrics relevant to your website or app, and compare several dimensions at once. Engage with users time again and again with special offers or simple branding methods.

Real-Time Data

View details about your visitors in real time as they enter your website. All of the data reports are being processed every 10 seconds ensuring access to the most up-to-date analytic data.

Track User Behavior

Watch real time flow of visits to your website. Get a detailed view of your visitors, pages they have visited and goals they have triggered.

DoBizLo Co-op

Communicate to potential clients with DoBizLo Co-op

Tag Containers

One simple tag will be placed on the website track all of the information and privatize it from any competitors.

Website Speed

Utilize the Site speed and Page speed tool to keep websites. In the digital age it is essential in providing a great user experience and in ensuring both higher engagement and higher conversion rates.


Locate website visitors for accurate detection of Country, Region, City, Organization. View the visitor statistics on a World Map by Country, Region or City. View the latest website visits in real time.

Conversion Tracking Software

Utilize DoBizLo Analytics to track custom variables on any type of website in order to identify whether the business is meeting the current goals or objectives.

Conversion Tracking

Measure impressions and clicks and CTR for image banners, text banners and any element on a business page.

Goal conversion tracking allows any website owner to track custom variables and identify whether advertising efforts are meeting current business objectives.

Customize the Business Dashboard

DoBizLo Analytics is a multi-faceted tool offering data privatization against major search engine analytic tools

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