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Social Media Management

People research online reputation with social media

Online Reputation Management

If you’re truly interested in expanding your business and growing your market share then yes, doing business locally is right. DoBizLo professionally manages every aspect of an online reputation. Have the ability to eliminate inaccurate user-generated reviews.

DoBizLo gives any sized business the ability to protect an Online Business Reputation. Premium reputation technology discovers any harmful content and manages it accordingly.

Organic Reviews

Unstructured mentions come from anywhere on the web where someone has mentioned a business without an explicit rating. For example, tweets, blog posts and news articles.

Directory Reviews

Structured mentions are reviews that have already been classified or ranked numerically by star ratings from sites like Yelp.

People use local review sites as a socialized system to judge a business experience. These reviews can bring tourists, new people and new business. The downside is the
potential for negative reviews. Today, consumers will trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from individuals they know.

Learn how to manage business reviews online

Find a Bad Review?

Respond to Customer

Win Customer Back

Find a Bad Review?

Respond to Customer

Win Customer Back

Reputation Marketing allows you to share your 5 Star reviews in places that matter. These reviews will encourage new visitors and advocates to your business. There is a lot of power behind the DobizLo Reputation Marketing system, your business will be able to build and protect its positive reputation in the community.

Buyers don't just want vendors they can afford or products they can use – they want to be able to work with professionals and businesses they can trust. Previously satisfied customers will speak for any business through great feedback on social media profiles, industry sites and elsewhere online.

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