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05Aug, 2016

Stop Counting Sheep, Start Counting Customers

What is DoBizLo?

DoBizLo is a digital company built to help you acquire new customers and keep the regulars coming back.  The company goal is to help local businesses reach out to more customers and produce more revenue locally.  DoBizLo is a smaller business ourselves, so we know how difficult it can be to draw in customers. We help our clients sleep better at night knowing that all their marketing needs are taken care of, in-house. If you’re ready to stop counting sheep and start counting customers, then keep reading.  DoBizLo is here to help you!

The Marketing Questions We All Have


How do I reach new customers and keep current ones? How to I get people into my store without steep discounts? How can I tell what advertising is working? How do I manage my brand? If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions about your business, then don’t worry.  You’re not alone. These are the questions that plague small business owners trying to stay afloat amidst industry giants. If you find yourself asking these questions, then you’re in the right place.

What is the DoBizLo Goal for You?

Customer Acquisition for Small Businesses

The goal at DoBizLo is to help the little guy.  We strive to help small local businesses have a fighting chance against the large corporations that exist today.  DoBizLo aims to acquire new customers for your business, and to keep them coming back, without causing you to lose money via steep discounts and advertising that doesn’t work. A lot can go into building and maintaining a brand and reputation. We will manage the chaos for you. DoBizLo’s clients can rest easy knowing that their customer acquisition needs are taken care of.

The Co-Op Data System

The data DoBizLo receives in our co-op system gives us information about what customers are looking at when they aren’t on your site. This allows you to reach out more directly to customers who aren’t yet accessing your site. You can target your advertising directly to them, based on what you know they are interested in. You have the chance to make a more accurate guess as to what they will buy in the future, based on what they have bought in the past and are buying now.


DoBizLo’s online data co-op allows all our clients to share the private, anonymous data about their customers without ever sharing private customer information. This gives them the chance to reach more customers and target our advertising more specifically for you, our client. There are a lot of benefits to this system. The second party data DoBizLo receives allows us and our clients a greater scale to examine the data from your company against, as well as providing more reach than first-party data. The information we receive from our co-op gives our clients the chance to improve the experience of their customers. It has the added bonus of allow more specific targeting of your customers.  This way, current customers receive the right information and potential customers receive the proper information to become life-time clients.

Digital Marketing and Advertising

One of DoBizLo’s core principles is that our client’s data is always their own.  There are many different layers of digital advertising that DoBizLo provides to our clients. DoBizLo also guarantees that you own 100% of the data regardless of the advertising method. We use our digital advertising to help our clients target specific audiences, retarget for a new market, target hyper-locally, and website target. We provide quality content in our ads to help draw new clients into your business.  This quality content can drive over four times more sales to your company than the impact of a general media plan.


There are several steps to the DoBizLo digital outreach process. A big step is reaching out to your customers via email and Facebook to draw them into your business.  Website development and maintenance is also crucial, as it gives your business a digital footprint and a place your customers can locate easily to find out more information about you. The use of Google AdWords helps deliver your business as a result when customers search, putting you front and center for your potential customers. We also advertise on social media for you, making it easier for customers to connect with you.  From a Facebook ad, customers can go directly to your website, download your app if you have one, view videos, and add items to a shopping list.

Online Presence Appeals to Customers

The world is in a digital age.  Smartphones are no longer the exception, and almost everyone has a personal computer. This means that digital marketing and online presence are perhaps the best ways to reach customers today. Statistic show that 90% of buying decisions today are influenced by online reviews– consumers trust the recommendations of strangers online to the same level that they would trust a personal recommendation from a friend. Additionally, customers spend nearly 90 cents out of every dollar within five miles of their home.


The DoBizLo website development team knows that a strong online presence is the best way to reach clients with information about your business. They work closely with our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team to ensure that your website is showing up in the right places and in response to the right searches. We monitor the market trends to ensure that your business is reaching the right customers at the right times. With the convenience that the digital market provides comes a very rapidly changing marketplace, which some people can find intimidating.  We at DoBizLo will help your business stay ahead of the curve and on top of the current market trends, so you keep meeting your business goals. The DoBizLo patented 7-step strategy gets your business in front of customers in a variety of ways, keeping your name in their mind.

So, Why Does it Matter?

Customer Acquisition Depends on Effective marketing!

We mentioned a few questions earlier that we’ve found tend to plague local business owners. It’s incredibly difficult to get your name out in the world as a local business. If these are things that concern you, then you’ve come to the right place. DoBizLo works closely with our clients, helping them bring new customers in the door and keep the regulars coming back. With the disciplined data deployment systems managing all your needs, you’ll be able to sleep well at night. Know that DoBizLo is making sense of the chaos for you and reaching out to customers on your behalf.  We do it all, so don’t worry about a thing.

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