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30Sep, 2016

How to Increase Facebook Engagement

There are so many venues for marketing and reaching customers available right now that people tend to forget one of the strongest . Facebook is more than a marketing platform, though. It’s a great way to engage with consumers on a more personal level. You can develop your business’s persona. Content that raises awareness without plugging a specific product can be shared. You can make your […]

23Sep, 2016

The Benefits of Digital Marketing

It’s abundantly clear that digital marketing, social media, and technology is having a significant impact on every aspect of day-to-day life.  It affects how consumers behave and interact with every business they encounter and every product they are interested in. While traditional marketing is still beneficial, it is truly digital marketing that is the future – and the now – of the industry. There are […]

02Sep, 2016

Online Reputation Management and Why it Matters

If you’re currently a business person, then you know that we are in the midst of the digital age.  Everything is online right now, from the yellow pages to marketing to how people stay in contact. This conversion to digital also includes word of mouth, which is commonly seen as the best way to bring new customers into your business. The newly-developed online presence so […]

29Aug, 2016

What is a Digital Footprint?

As the marketing world becomes ever more digital year by year, people turn more and more to digital ideas. One of these digital concepts you may have come across is the concept of a ‘digital footprint.’ This phrase is thrown around a lot, but do you really understand what it means? Do you really understand how your digital footprint affects your business? If you’re not sure, […]

12Aug, 2016

5 Reasons to Use Email Marketing

Many people seem to believe that email marketing is dead and no longer beneficial. Social media runs the show now, and so more and more people are choosing not to make use of email. The fact of the matter, though, is that email is not dead. An email address is the first thing a company asks for when they want to contact you. When you […]

05Aug, 2016

Seven Steps to Success

At DoBizLo, we believe it is incredibly important for local business owners to acknowledge that this is a digital age we exist in. Smartphones are no longer the exception to the rule, and people tend to find it odd when someone doesn’t have a personal computer. It would follow logically, then, that such a digital world relies heavily on digital marketing. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, the […]

05Aug, 2016

Stop Counting Sheep, Start Counting Customers

What is DoBizLo? DoBizLo is a digital company built to help you acquire new customers and keep the regulars coming back.  The company goal is to help local businesses reach out to more customers and produce more revenue locally.  DoBizLo is a smaller business ourselves, so we know how difficult it can be to draw in customers. We help our clients sleep better at night knowing that all their marketing […]

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