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09Sep, 2016

How a Motorsports Dealer Increased Their Monthly Sales by 300%

The Problem:

A local motorsports dealer of new and used motorcycles and ATVs was failing to meet its projected sales and revenue metric. They lacked organic growth due to their limited access to digital marketing solutions. The motorsports dealer employed outdated marketing solutions that weren’t targeting the correct customers. They also lacked a comprehensive marketing strategy, which led to marketing in ineffectual and costly ways.

Our Strategy

The strategy DoBizLo employed to boost the motorsports dealer’s sales was four-fold. Each step is broken down further, but the main goals were to:

  • Privatize and secure the company’s digital footprint and data files, to ensure that their online presence was consistent and relevant
  • Make use of email, mobile, social, digital rich media, and AdWords solutions to guarantee that the target audiences were being reached in a cost efficient way
  • Use digital campaigns based on statistical models and DoBizLo advanced analytics
  • Optimize to gain customers, maintain current relationships and image, and strengthen digital presence

Privatize and Secure Digital Footprint

As we stated in a previous case study, what you don’t know about your digital footprint can hurt you. Sites like Google and Yelp have become the first stop for people looking to find a new business. If your information on these sites is incorrect, you’re losing customers because they simply cannot locate you. Just like in the days of physical yellow pages, having a bad listing is going to cripple your business and drive your potential customers to your competitors. 80% of businesses have bad or incorrect listings and don’t realize it.

The first and most important element of DoBizLo’s solution was to secure the digital footprint the motorsports dealer had already cultivated. The strategy to secure the motorsports dealer’s digital footprint involved DoBizLo locating all the areas where this company’s information was listed. Then, the DoBizLo team checked the accuracy of the information on these sites and made the necessary corrections. DoBizLo then secured the information, so that only the company could access and change it.

Deploy Across Multiple Channels

Using DoBizLo’s patented 7-step system, we deployed the motorsports dealer’s data and information across several channels. The multi-channel approach made it easier to contact customers in a variety of ways, rather than just through email or text. The use of digital rich media encouraged users to actively engage with ads. Using things like videos and applets that interact with the user instantly and directly cultivates engagement. Consequently, the user stayed engaged with the company and active with the company’s marketing. The use of AdWords ensured that they weren’t spending money in areas that weren’t bringing in customers. This helped the motorsports dealer to save money and put it to use in more effective ways.

Digital Campaigns

The use of DoBizLo’s advanced analytics, combined with statistical models of what customers are looking for and what engages them, allowed the motorsports dealer to further hone their ads to their target audience. DoBizLo helped the company establish a target audience that fit their product and services. Then we geared their ads to those specific customers. These statistical models helped the motorsports dealer and DoBizLo better predict what future potential customers would be interested in. It also allowed the company to predict what would draw them in and make them investigate the company further. The analytics and statistical models used also helped DoBizLo advertise for the company and develop a stronger local presence in a way that would benefit them, while maintaining the image and brand that the motorsports dealer had developed for themselves.


After DoBizLo had ensured that the previous steps were completed, it was time to optimize the online presence of the motorsports dealer. The secured digital footprint and digital presence allowed potential customers to locate the business. This increased the number of new customers coming in. The multi-channel deployment that DoBizLo utilized optimized the company’s budget, which ensured that their information was being dispersed in effective ways and to the right people. Therefore, the statistical models and analytics that DoBizLo employed for the motorsports dealer allowed them to understand their customers better, and to market more effectively to their target audience by looking at examples of what worked for those customers. Overall, DoBizLo’s solutions allowed the company to optimize everything about how they operated. This included everything from how they were portrayed online to where their budget went. In the end, the results speak for themselves.


The digital deployment strategies and optimization that DoBizLo employed for this motorsports dealer worked wonders for their sales. As a result, they saw a 300% increase in their monthly sales. Their email open rate increased by 150%, while click-throughs to their site from emails increased by 300%. The digital optimization provided by DobizLo included mobile optimization of their site, and was a big factor in that increase as 55% of website visitors were using a mobile device to view the site. The social media solutions DoBizLo employed increased their weekly unique social media views by 4k+ views. While the digital rich media solutions gained them 20k+ unique views a week, the AdWords campaign employed on their behalf gained them 1k+ unique weekly visitors, or an average of 30 new website visitors a day.

Throughout the process, DoBizLo consulted the client and kept them in the loop, even as we did the work for them. This allowed DoBizLo to maintain the brand image and stick to the client’s goals. Today, this motorsports dealer is successful and still works with DoBizLo. They’ve experienced firsthand exactly what our solutions can do for a failing company.

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