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05Aug, 2016

Seven Steps to Success

At DoBizLo, we believe it is incredibly important for local business owners to acknowledge that this is a digital age we exist in. Smartphones are no longer the exception to the rule, and people tend to find it odd when someone doesn’t have a personal computer. It would follow logically, then, that such a digital world relies heavily on digital marketing. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, the average annual revenue of a small business is $3.6 million, whereas the annual revenue of a small business with a website is $5.03 million. Therefore, if your business doesn’t currently have a website, you’re missing out on almost $2 million of revenue a year!

Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/page/216022

DoBizlo exists to help solve this dilemma. The patented seven-step process employed provides the necessary digital marketing for our clients. The marketing strategies we use provide consistency for your company, while connecting people through multiple diverse channels.

Disciplined Deployment

The DoBizLo system of disciplined deployment maintains consistency for your business and brand across all platforms. The analytics and monitoring used ensure that your customer is never overwhelmed by the amount of content they receive from you. Advertisements are displayed on social pages and within the DoBizLo Pods, guaranteeing that your content is seen. Custom digital content is designed for your company and pushed out via social media, email, and mobile platforms. This works to keep your business’s name in the customer’s eyeline and mind. Using coupons, offers, and announcements, your customers will receive specials deals and savings, as well as information about events at your business. DoBizLo does it all, in-house. From website development and content creation to ad pushing, offer posting, and monitoring how everything is working together, everything is taken care of.

The Seven Steps

seven step

The patented DoBizLo 7­ steps for customer acquisition break down quite simply. Your offer will receive 7 days as a “Buy it Now” offer on DoBizLo.com. This allows customers to access your business through a great deal. 6 personalized offers and announcements  advertise your business on DoBizLo.com, allowing your customers and potential newcomers a chance to discover you. 5 Facebook posts for reach out on social media to people interested in what you have to offer. 4 email blasts are sent out through the DoBizLo portal. 3 sponsored posts on Facebook also raise awareness of your business and ensure that people are hearing your name. 2 text blasts are sent, also via the DoBizLo Portal, to reach customers on yet another channel. Finally, your business will receive 1 feature in the DoBizLo Daily Deals email. These channels ensure that customers are hearing your name.

Why it Works

The DoBizLo patented system is proven to work so well because it allows you to reach your customers on a variety of channels and through different methods. Unlike other companies that only use a few methods, DoBizLo uses multiple platforms to maintain the consistency of your brand across the board. This guarantees that your customers are seeing your brand and information in a way that they connect with. The results speak for themselves. One client doubled the number of phone calls his business received. After joining our system­­ he went from receiving 12 phone calls a week to receiving around 8 phone calls a day.

The reason the 7­ step system works is not only that it is a multi­channel system reaching customers in a way that they can connect with, but because everything is created and managed by one source­­DoBizLo. Rather than sending your information to three or four different advertising firms, each of whom controls a different aspect of your advertising, you send it to one place. We create, edit, control, manage, and push out everything in-­house. This ensures that the content created for your company looks uniform and consistent across the board. That uniformity helps optimize your company’s appearance across all platforms, eliminating confusion for customers while keeping your brand organized.

Let’s Optimize!

It is crucial to your business’s reputation that your name is in front of your customers as often as possible. According to an American Express Survey, 80% of customers believe that smaller businesses place more importance on good customer service than larger companies do­­ this is great news for you! Customers want good experiences in smaller, local venues. This means that they’re looking for you, and looking for a reason to come to your business. Let us make that reason known. The 7 step strategy will keep your name in their mind. When they have a problem, they’ll think of you first. DoBizLo ensures that they’ll think of you, every time.
Source: http://about.americanexpress.com/news/pr/2011/csbar.aspx

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